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Best And Popular Visiting Places Of Surat

Surat, whose name is associated with Saurashtra (good land), is a port city of Gujarat. Surat is the second most populous city of Gujarat. It is known as the 'City of Flyovers'. Not only this in the 1990s In it was known as Suryapur, which is popular for textiles and diamonds today. In fact, Surat is the place where 90% of the world's diamonds are polished. Situated in the splendid state of Gujarat, Surat has some scenic spots that attract tourists from the locals as well as tourists.
Visiting Places Of Surat:
Surat is the second most populous city of Gujarat. It is located on the south bank of the Tapi River. It is known for its colonial history and wildlife.
Chintamani Jain Temple:
Chintamani Jain Temple is an ancient temple located near Rani Talab in Surat. This 400 year old Jain temple is famous for its botanical color paintings of Jain preacher Acharya Hemchandra, Solanki Raja and Raja Kumarapal.
Textile Market:
Surat is famous for its textile industry. A wide range of sarees, salwar kameez, dress pieces, polyester, silk, printed, and embroidered materials are available at the textile markets located south of Sahara Gate opening on Border Road.
Sarthana Nature Park:
Spread over a vast area of 81 acres, Sarthana Nature Park is home to forest creatures. Tapi river beautifies the park with its presence. The zoo is home to many fascinating species of big cats and deer like lions and leopards.
Dweep Kabirvad:
Kabirvad is a small island in Bharuch district of Gujarat where Sant Kabir was inhabited several hundred years ago. Many Banyan trees can be seen here. The mythology and local folklore of Kabirvad only add to the mysterious charm and aura of the island.
Vansda National Park:
Vansda was formerly a princely state in the southern region of Gujarat. The city is surrounded by dense bamboo plantations. This place is well suited for those who like to spend time around nature.
Dutch Garden:
The Dutch Garden or Dutch Cemetery is a popular attraction in Surat, which is located near Katargam Gate, about 4 km from the city. The Dutch cemetery is known for its ancient mausoleum, which was built in memory of Dutch and British officials who settled in Surat.
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